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Updating google cache

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Google Chrome clear browsing data menu Alternatively, you can also use the hotkey combination: Updating google cache will open up googgle new tab with a popup window titled Clear Browsing Data. Make sure that only the Cached images and files box is checked. Otherwise, you might accidentally clear your browsing history, saved passwords, cookies, and more: Clear browser cache in Google Chrome You can also change the timeframe at the top, though usually the default of 4 weeks is perfectly fine.

Then, click the Clear browsing data button to clear your cache. Mozilla Firefox history menu Then, in the menu that appears next, select Clear Recent History… Mozilla Firefox clear recent history You can also access the menu by using the shortcut: Firefox will then open a popup. In the Time range to clear: Then, make sure to only check the Cache box to avoid clearing important browsing data. Then, click Clear Now to clear your cache: Your Firefox browser cache is now empty. Clear history in Safari Again — this method takes Updating google cache scorched earth approach.

In addition to your browser cache, it will also clear your browsing history, cookies, etc. Then, find Safety and select Delete Browsing History…from the submenu: Internet Explorer delete browsing history You can also access the menu by using the shortcut: Why not try, right? Not to mention, your network may very well simply be having connection issues! It also might be worth restarting your router, just in case. ShutterStock Restart your phone! OK, maybe not an actual smack, but you do need to put everything back in place, and sometimes a simple reboot will do. This will take a minute or two and very often fixes many problems. Wipe the Google Play Store cache Cache memory is an awesome tool.

By storing data locally, the phone can reduce data usage and speed up loading times. This is data that would otherwise need to be downloaded every single time you access a page, which is unnecessary if there are no changes! The bad part is that sometimes older data can pile up, and it can also misbehave. From there, simply look for Google Play Store and tap on it. Delete Google Play Store data Is clearing the cache not enough? To delete related data, simply access your Settings and go into the App Manager like you did to clear the cache. Just keep in mind this will clear the application. It will have to sign in and pick up all the data again next time you access the Google Play Store.

Shutterstock Take a look at your disabled apps Keep in mind that some apps need each other in order to work properly.

Resolve app installation errors in Google Play Store

Especially when dealing with system apps like the Google Play Store. Have you disabled any apps recently? That could be the cause of your Play Store woes. This is where disabled apps go when they are put down.