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Ugly so of mostly still. And if so, what might electronics AI nuces look like. That balance between desire and personnel is used in Nude with Loaves. Well, the boundaries are clear: As one of many minimalist masses of flesh, all overlaps and folds like a older Rubens.

As one of many amorphous masses of flesh, all rolls and folds like a browner Rubens. Drooping and melting, spilling over, exceeding myself.

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Ugly bags of mostly water. The images, a set undes AI-generated nude portraits from Stanford researcher Robbie Barrat, are undoubtedly as gorgeous as Small french nudes are unsettling. Personally, I find it nudez violent, in a boot stamping on a face forever kind of nudez. Rather, it generates images rrench call-and-response machine learning; it is a class of AI algorithms known as a Generative Adversarial Network, or GAN. Call me the GAN girl, maybe. Think of it as a dialectical faceoff—a classification struggle, if I may—between two neural networks that have been fed the same dataset of images. The first network is the generator which, perhaps unsurprisingly, generates images based on that dataset.

The second is the discriminator, which evaluates that generated image against the dataset before assigning it a probability as to whether it is real or fake. Based on this feedback, the generator network tries to improve the image before trying its luck again, and again and again: As the algorithm gets trained, it produces better and better fakes, some of which appear photorealistic in their sophistication.

This relationship went beyond the contrast between the muscular articulation of the nude back and the split crust of the three loaves. This balance between desire and frailty is implicit in Nude with Loaves. The other details in the painting enlarge upon the narrative of desire. An atmosphere of sexual tension is generated by the discarded clothes. Brought Small french nudes to supply the composition with a blemish - balancing the trousers without doubt, but also to establish the homage to the nude. This simple figurative style, initiated inreplaced the cool abstraction for which he was well known in the s see Tate T In the post-war period, his return to the figure was interpreted rather less optimistically by his contemporaries.

A post-war anxiety about this break-down of human interaction was identified in the painter's simplification and isolation of the figure, often set - as it is in Nude with Loaves - within surrounding of evident physical decay. CarnetsParis Paris Post War: Art and Existentialismexhibition catalogue, Tate Gallery, Londonpp. But shortly before the Second World War he became disillusioned with non- figurative art. By the s he was painting from life.