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Gebruik je hoofd en plagieer niet: A stunning redhead, she has appeared in "Thinner," a movie adaptation of a Stephen King novel, and "The Kings of Brooklyn," a never-released film. Her father, Alvin Marks, 93, a Massachusetts physicist who was science Bridget marks naked to President Kennedy, told Playboy that his daughter was "my best invention. Aylsworth, a certified public accountant who amassed a fortune in the oil business, is now president and chief operating officer of a gambling operation, President Casinos, which includes a St. Asked why he is fighting so hard to take away children from an extramarital affair, Aylsworth said, "The reason is well documented through court records.

Aylsworth, who spends much of his Bridget marks naked in St. Louis, contends Marks is alienating the children against him. Marks has resigned herself to let him visit his daughters in New York. Aylsworth refused to acknowledge paternity when he and his wife showed up at the hospital the day after Amber and Scarlet were born, according to testimony. A few months earlier, Aylsworth and his wife told Marks to abort the children they now want, testimony shows. Marks said, "I didn't know he was married when we first met because he doesn't wear a wedding ring. What surprised Marks was the behavior of law guardians appointed to represent the interests of her twins.

The judge gave that job to Lawyers for Children, a public-interest law firm paid by the court to represent impoverished foster children and child-abuse victims in Family Court. The firm sent its lawyer to Malibu to spend time with the father and children. In writing, Lawyers for Children recommended custody go to Aylsworth, provided he and his wife move to New York. Then, the firm's lawyer, Molly Murphy, changed her recommendation in the judge's chambers to say the children should be moved to California, Marks said. Officials at Lawyers for Children declined comment.

This week, Aylsworth asked the judge to issue a gag order to prevent Marks from discussing the case. His attorney asked to eject visitors from a public courtroom as the gag order was debated. The judge refused to eject the visitors and is considering the gag order. Meanwhile, Amber and Scarlet giggle and play with their mother, oblivious to the ugly fight over their home. They said they love their private preschool. An exclusive private kindergarten has accepted them for the fall. After a recent snowstorm, the twins put on their matching pink parkas and skipped off to go ice skating at Wollman Rink in Central Park.